Java Temel İşlemler

By gokhan, 10 Ekim 2019

Escape sequence Description
\n Newline. Position the screen cursor at the beginning of the next line.
\t Horizontal tab. Move the screen cursor to the next tab stop.
\r Carriage return. Position the screen cursor at the beginning of the current line; do not advance to the next line. Any characters output after the carriage return overwrite the characters previously output on that line.
\\ Backslash. Used to print a backslash character.
\” Double quote. Used to print a double-quote character. For example,    System.out.println( “\”in quotes\”” ); displays    “in quotes”

Mantıksal Oeratörler

Standard algebraic
equality or relational operator
Java equality
or relational
of Java
Meaning of
Java condition
Equality operators      
= == x == y x is equal to y
  != x != y x is not equal to y
Relational operators      
x > y x is greater than y
x < y x is less than y
³ >= x >= y x is greater than or equal to y
£ <= x <= y x is less than or equal to y

Operatör Öncelikleri (vardır)

Precedence Operator Type Associativity
15 ()
Array subscript
Member selection
Left to Right
14 ++
Unary post-increment
Unary post-decrement
Right to left
13 ++


( type )
Unary pre-increment
Unary pre-decrement
Unary plus
Unary minus
Unary logical negation
Unary bitwise complement
Unary type cast
Right to left
12 *
Left to right
11 +
Left to right
10 <<
Bitwise left shift
Bitwise right shift with sign extension
Bitwise right shift with zero extension
Left to right
9 <
Relational less than
Relational less than or equal
Relational greater than
Relational greater than or equal
Type comparison (objects only)
Left to right
8 ==
Relational is equal to
Relational is not equal to
Left to right
7 & Bitwise AND Left to right
6 ^ Bitwise exclusive OR Left to right
5 | Bitwise inclusive OR Left to right
4 && Logical AND Left to right
3 || Logical OR Left to right
2 ? : Ternary conditional Right to left
1 =
Addition assignment
Subtraction assignment
Multiplication assignment
Division assignment
Modulus assignment
Right to left